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Ecovillage Resilience Project

What can ecovillages nurture today to be more resilient tomorrow? Welcome to the home base for the Ecovillage Resilience Community of Practice!

Find A Facilitator

In need of a facilitator for your next meeting? Find a compiled list of expert facilitators here. Search by country or topic to find the perfect fit.

Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base we hope to build an ever-growing, crowdsourced database of information relating to ecovillages across all the areas of regeneration - social, cultural, economic and ecological. If you want to find resources about anything from community-building tools to alternative economic models for ecovillages, this is the place to ask.
Do you have resources to share? Choose the right category and create a thread!

Yes to Sustainability

A space for collaboration around youth exchanges and other non-formal learning opportunities in ecovillages and sustainable initiatives. For more information visit

Ecovillage Chat

Welcome! This is a space for conversation about all things ecovillage-related that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Research and Investigation

A space to share existing ecovillage research.
A space to connect with students studying ecovillages.

Site Feedback

This Forum is a work in progress - help us make it better! Here’s a space to give feedback and help us improve. Tell us what’s missing!

Ecovillage Events

Share events related to ecovillages, intentional community, and the dimensions of sustainability.