Category Topics

Knowledge Base - Ecology

Share your ecological wisdom! Do you have a blueprint for a solar oven? Wondering what the best solution for food waste is in your community? Burning to learn about biogas?

Yes to Sustainability

A space for collaboration around youth exchanges and other non-formal learning opportunities in ecovillages and sustainable initiatives. For more information visit

Ecovillage Chat

Welcome! This is a space for conversation about all things ecovillage-related that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Research and Investigation

A space to share existing ecovillage research.
A space to connect with students studying ecovillages.

Knowledge Base - Economy

Examples of economic models in ecovillages, resources related to community economics, ask questions about regenerative abundance, and much more!

Knowledge Base - Social

Resources and information on the social aspect of ecovillages: CLIPS methodology, tools for governance, conflict resolution, decision-making, etc.

Site Feedback

This Forum is a work in progress - help us make it better! Here’s a space to give feedback and help us improve. Tell us what’s missing!

Ecovillage Events

Share events related to ecovillages, intentional community, and the dimensions of sustainability.

Knowledge Base - Cultural

Share your celebrations, creative expression, and ways of connecting. Learn more about how ecovillages connect with culture and ask questions about the cultural aspect of community. Learn more here!