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Ecovillage Chat

Welcome! This is a space for conversation about all things ecovillage-related that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Living Library

The Living Library connects people who seek advice or inspiration about ecovillage culture with ecovillagers to hear their stories, ask them questions and learn from them.

Ecovillage Resilience Project

What can ecovillages nurture today to be more resilient tomorrow? Welcome to the home base for the Ecovillage Resilience Community of Practice!

Communities of Practice

A space to collaborate as Communities of Practice on the issues that matter to us in GEN.

Yes to Sustainability

A space for collaboration around youth exchanges and other non-formal learning opportunities in ecovillages and sustainable initiatives. For more information visit

Find A Facilitator

In need of a facilitator for your next meeting? Find a compiled list of expert facilitators here. Search by country or topic to find the perfect fit.

Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base we hope to build an ever-growing, crowdsourced database of information relating to ecovillages across all the areas of regeneration - social, cultural, economic and ecological. If you want to find resources about anything from community-building tools to alternative economic models for ecovillages, this is the place to ask.
Do you have resources to share? Choose the right category and create a thread!

Research and Investigation

A space to share existing ecovillage research.
A space to connect with students studying ecovillages.

Site Feedback

This Forum is a work in progress - help us make it better! Here’s a space to give feedback and help us improve. Tell us what’s missing!

Ecovillage Events

Share events related to ecovillages, intentional community, and the dimensions of sustainability.