Achim Ecker on Founding GEN Europe and ZEGG

Since the 80s, Achim has been an active participant of social change, environmental, and non-violent direct action movements. After training as a social worker, he organized and focalized international youth camps throughout post-Cold War Europe. Achim lives in the intentional community of the “Bauhütte” which later birthed ZEGG in Germany and Tamera in Portugal for 40 years. He has been deeply involved in the development of the ZEGG-Forum and has trained and supervised groups in Europe, South America and the USA. Living in a community with a strong focus on love, partnership and Eros, gives him a special awareness in these issues.

Achim is also one of the founding members of GEN Europe where he worked as president for three years. He remains active within the GEN network, such as through the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course. Achim is devoted to lifelong learning and community living; constantly finding new fields of development for himself. He is a passionate teacher and creates spaces for groups of people to become human in a very deep and loving sense.At ZEGG Community, he works as the chief landscape designer creating fertile soil and an edible landscape on glacial sand using intuition and Permaculture knowledge. He is an eco-builder on the multi-facetted challenges of retrofitting and insulating existing houses with renewable materials. Since 2013 he has been engaged with Terra Preta – biochar – soils, using only local resources for its production. Homepage:

These topics and more will be explored in Achim’s Living Library book. He is happy to offer consultations to anyone interested in learning about soil fertility, Terra Preta or the importance of inner work.