A'ida Shibli on Identity, Community, and Activism

A’ida Shibli is an indigenous Bedouin woman from occupied Palestine and a Tamera co-worker. For many decades she has worked to raise awareness of injustice, to end cycles of political violence in her home country and around the world, for the liberation of women and of the feminine, for an end to sexual repression and violence and for the restoration of community and indigenous knowledge. A’ida is one of the holders of the Vision Peace Research Village Middle East, and the initiator of the project Global Campus Palestine, which won in 2014 the Excellence Award of the GEN Network for being the most inspiring project of the year. She is a leader of the non-violence resistance and liberation movements in Palestine, focusing on the correlation between inner and outer peace work and women’s empowerment. A’ida is also a GEN Ambassador for the Middle East and a global networker.
In her Living Library book, A’ida discusses her experience growing up in occupied Palestine and her journey into the ecovillage movement. She talks about her activism years and the ways in which ecovillages offer a tool for hope; “sharing is the antidote for systems of oppression.” A’ida also shares with us advice and lessons from her very inspiring and powerful journey. Including the importance of rooting yourself in your own indigenous, native, and local knowledge or the need for compassion throughout our healing processes.

A’ida is happy to share and offer consultations on a number of topics including:

  • Community Building - 18 years of experience living in an intentional community.
  • Political activism and lessons from her time working in war zones.
  • Indigenous knowledge, and the topic of people of colour living in communities of a white majority.
  • Restoring trust among people, especially between lovers.
  • Raising free children.
  • Healing from collective trauma.