Charlie Lenglez on Deep Sociocracy & Dream Work

Born in Belgium, Charlie was introduced early on to Jungian psychology and dreamwork. He co-founded Los Portales community in Spain, along with his “soul family” in 1984. Charlie is passionate about working with dreams as a tool for personal development and group cohesion. He has been involved in teaching and training for 35 years, specializing in the integration of innovative and alternative learning strategies that take our differences into account and create a co-learning environment. Trained in Sociocratic Governance with John Buck and Gilles Charest, Charlie is a trainer and consultant and has been active at the GEN Europe Governance working group for several years and is now a GEN Europe Council member. Charlie also served as the RIE – Iberian Ecovillage Network – general coordinator for six years.

In his Living Library book, Charlie Lenglez discusses his experience with deep sociocracy and dreamwork. He talks about the importance of listening to all the voices around us and connecting with one another on a deeper level. Charlie states, “when you work with dreams, you work with a deep part of yourself, creating deep connections.” We are the seed of change.

Charlie is happy to offer consultations on a number of topics including:

  • Dream Work
  • Sociocracy and communities: steps to follow
  • Mistakes not to make when implementing sociocracy
  • Complementary tools to support and strengthen sociocracy
  • Leadership and sociocracy
  • The inner sociocracy: how to listen to your inner voices and organize your own inner circle