Economic Models thread

This thread is dedicated to compiling useful resources about different economic models practiced by ecovillages. Please feel free to add any information you think is useful - case studies, videos, documents, websites…

Intermediate Sharing Realities: European Ecovillages
This research paper by Dicte Frost examines sharing and collaborative practices within the context of European ecovillages. The research is based on interviews and participant observation in five European ecovillages, located in Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine, Germany and Denmark.

Community Podcast episode - The Ecovillage Economy
The GEN Europe podcast covers a number of big questions about ecovillages. In this episode featuring Dicte Frost, we discuss ecovillage economic models, personal and community resilience, and what it really means to make a living.

Ecovillage Economics: Abundance in Community
On GEN’s online learning platform you can access a set of nine talks and workshops from GEN Europe’s November 2021 online event Ecovillage Economics: Abundance in Community. This includes discussions and case studies on shared economies, community savings and investments, pensions, unemployment and more.

Communities using a common/shared economy
Ecovillages use a number of different economic models. If you want to explore examples of totally shared economy, current examples include La Comune di Bagnaia (Italy), Lakabe (Spain), gASTWERKe (Germany) and Myselium (Denmark).

Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC)
The FEC has a useful database of community policies and documents that cover all aspects of community life, including economic management (mostly focused on the USA). Explore it here.