Ecovillages and Collapse

The idea of imminent collapse - societal and environmental - is a growing topic of conversation among ecovillagers and other aligned movements. It emerged frequently in our last summer Gathering, with workshops and talks on the subject.
Here you can read veteran ecovillager Robert Hall’s thoughts on accepting collapse and how it’s changed his plans for the future, while here you can listen to Dougald Hine’s moving talk at the European Ecovillage Gathering about what role ecovillages might have to play in this ‘time of endings.’
What do you think? Is the framing of collapse useful, or scare-mongering? How can we best prepare for major societal and environmental changes as ecovillagers - from welcoming climate refugees to creating resilient communities, from weaning ourselves off all fossil fuels as quickly as possible to creating local networks of solidarity? Is your community thinking about collapse? What should GEN Europe be doing, as an organisation and a network, to respond to the moment we’re living in? Share your thoughts, resources and articles below.