Impact Assessment Surveys for our villages

I completed the individual Impact Assessment in Oct 2021 for Narara, (Level 1) and engaged 14 others to help complete Level 2.

I’m getting this message as I try to do it again:
You previously submitted an impact assessment for Narara Ecovillage on 14 October 2021. If you update your assessment, your updated response will be saved in addition to your earlier response(s), but only your latest response will count to the averages for this ecovillage.

I’m not sure how to re-submit? should I log in another name or ??

Thanks in advance (TIA)

Hi Tanya, that message simply means that if you made any changes from the last time you filled it in, it will be your latest response that counts towards Narara’s score. The system still saves your previous answer so that we sometime in the future can check changes over time for communities, but it won’t show up or count towards the current result. So if you want to update your answers, just do so and submit as usual. Does that make sense?

Indeed it does now I’ve gone back and had a look again! I’ve learned a lot more about NEV since then … being involved with the Research circle helps! We had our meeting today.

Is it useful if more from NEV participate to increase awareness of the GEN principles as a starting point.

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