Ina Meyer Stoll on Inner Work & Community Building

Ina has been passionate about peace and environmental activism from a young age. In 1984 she joined an intentional community, 1991 she co-founded the ZEGG ecovillage, in Germany, and worked as the executive secretary of GEN Europe for six years. She became involved with GAIA education in 2004. Ina has worked as a communications trainer, coach and supervisor for 35 years, specializing in building community, and creating transparency and trust in group processes. She is familiar with ZEGG-Forum, Non-Violent Communication, Deep Ecology, Integral systems constellations, Possibility Management, and other methods which support people to share from the depth of their hearts.

In her Living Library book, Ina discusses her experience with challenges and tools for deepening the love inside us and our communities. Moreover, she shares her journey in the ecovillage movement including the development of the GEN Europe network and the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course.

In her consultations, Ina is happy to share her experience as a skilled supervisor for communities in their social processes and offer guidance on how to build trust and transparency, and in conflict resolution. Ina is a personal coach and couples coach, group facilitator and moreā€¦