Including a Facilitator in your YE

Hey! I was wondering how this feature of Facilitator in the youth exchange works. What are the requirements to include one in the project? Is there extra budget? How to prove the need of one? Thanks for the answers <3

Do you mean an expert when you say facilitator?

Hmmm… I don’t know. In the guide it is mentioned as a facilitator. I don’t know if it needs to be an expert in something or just somebody who guides some processes.

I have already seen that the funding works just as if the facilitator was another participant of the YE.

Two possibilities as we discussed with collegues:

  1. someone to hold the space, to help to organize bunch of youth :slight_smile:
  2. someone for the professional input on some important topic for the YE

It’s not clearly written as it’s new. The best is to check with the NA where you apply what is their understanding of a facilitator.

I aksed the NA in Germany about the role of the facilitator.

Per YE you can just include have 1 facilitator. A facilitator is what petra explained above. It doesn’t need a proof.

The facilitator only gets the individual support and travel funded not the organisational support of 100€. Similar to the group leader.

It allows e.g. that you have a group leader and a facilitator from one country. Both can be older than 30 years old. Before only the group leader, so 1 person per country, could be older than 30 years old.

And it allows that next to a group leader you can invite an expert (facilitator). But only 1 for the whole YE! :wink: