Introduce yourself! What brings you here?

Welcome to the GEN Europe forum! Use this thread to introduce yourselves to the network and your fellow forum-members. Tell us about yourself: what brings you here? Where are you based? Are you looking for an ecovillage, or already living in one? Just curious about community lifestyles? We’re glad to have you here! Don’t forget to check and follow our community guidelines to keep this a welcoming space for all.
If you’re a member of a GEN EU ecovillage, let us know and we’ll add you to the member area.

Hi all! We have lots of new members - please feel free to introduce yourselves here!

Hi, my name is Federico Palla. Since 2012, I live in LUMEN ecovillage in northern Italy ( I am mainly involved in a European initiative called SALUS ( and in expanding the community experience, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, by welcoming new members and planning new LUMEN ecovillages around the world.

Welcome Federico! It would be great to hear more about your initiatives and ecovillages - feel free to start some threads if you have interesting resources or ideas to share. Thanks for being here!