Nontokozo Sedibe-Sabic on Healing from Systemic Racism and the Indigenous Knowledge of Ubuntu

Nontokozo is from South Africa where she was born and raised in community. She is a workshop leader and dynamic speaker with the goal of sending a message of empowerment, service, indigenous wisdom, sustainable living and the importance of building community and ecovillages in modern Society. Nontokozo initiated in the shamanic ancestral traditions of her tribe, she studied Buddhism and practiced as a novice Buddhist nun. She is commited to creating safe spaces and holistic events for individuals and group processes, to support in achieving desired goals and creating a common vision, using indigenous wisdom, process work facilitation and other methodologies.

Nontokozo is a member of the commons of Europe, currently involved in various organisations that promote, sustainable and regenerative ways of living. She advocates for climate and social justice, community living, diversity and North/South healing and reconciliation, utilising the principles of UBUNTU. Since 2013 Nontokozo has been involved with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and ECOLISE, where she served as a board member and co-president respectively. She is also co- founder and director of RISE (Revivers of Indigenous Spirituality and Ecosystems)

In her Living Library book Nontokozo discusses her years of experience in working on healing from systemic racism and oppressions. She also talks about the importance of talking about social-climate justice, decolonisation, sacred activism and much more!

Nontokozo offers consultations on a number of topics including:
• Power, Rank and Privilege
• Pleasure and sacred activism
• Healing from systemic racism and oppressions
• Holding grieving and innerwork spaces
• Consultation on decolonisation and conflict
• Ubuntu - Indigenous knowledge for community building