Organisational "Income" / Personal Salary

I would to have a talk about the I so call “Money-Game” behind Erasmus Plus fundings.

Questions like:
How much do you pay your Organisation?
How much do you pay yourself as your salary?
How to “tax” the income?
How to make it more transparent and more sustainable?

@Dario @petrajazbec33 @stefanie.goerisch Are you going into this topic aswell?



Hey Thomas,
It´s great to see you are going deep and asking very important questions.

Answering very generally and based on my experience every organisation does differently.

Officially the applicant organisation receives organisational support money which they decide how to use. The money you get for the project depends on the country and the number of participants you have in your project.

  • How we do in the org. I am more involved with is that the organisation receives what has left after paying all expenses. And sometimes it can be zero.
    In GEN there is a budget system with % based payment for each role.
  • Taxes are also a topic depending on the country. In case you pay to a facilitator and they can provide invoice taxes are paid, but in case they can not provide an invoice for their services it can be done as an internal agreement with recept, and then there are no taxes. Anyhow as I mentioned it depends on the country and your accountant how will manage this.
  • Transparency and sustainability for me depend only on the way you like to deal with it. All the financial parts can be absolutely transparent. About sustainability, I think the agreement made beforehand is the most important part.
  • Anyhow all of this is an internal organisational decision. In the final report, such information is not needed. In case of inspection, the NA may ask you for invoices for all spending, for which is important that all documents are properly kept including internal payments and agreements.

Yes, we will touch and open the budget topic in the next session on Tuesday. Invitation goes to all that you work in organizations to think, discover how does your organization do it. And then we share the best practices and the best mistakes :slight_smile:

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