Requires for the Organization

Hello guys,
to present a Youth Exchange witch kind of requires are necessary for the Coordinator Organization?
I mean, is it enough the Organization signs up to prove it exists? Or has it to go through to all the steps to get the accreditation to present an Erasmus + project?

If it is written in the guide, can someone specify which page?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Rosa,
Thank you for your question.

There are two ways to apply for projects with accreditation and without.

To submit an application or become a partner in a project, you will need an Organisation ID. You can get your Organisation ID if you fill in a simple form proving some basic information about your organisation.
You can do this here: Organisation Registration System | Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes
You need to sign up, get the ID, and then you are ready to go.
For newcomers you dont need accreditation.

YES :slight_smile: thank you, well explained :slight_smile:

yes!! thank you for the clarification!!

Then I got another doubt, :sweat_smile: with “newcomers”, do you mean new people or new Organization coming in European Commission platform? And what is time limit to be considered as a newcomers in the platform?

Have a nice evening all of you!

Hey hey,
Both people or organisations can be considered newcomers.
Newcomer organisation from the guidelines:
Any organisation or institution that has not previously received support in a given type of action supported by this Programme or its predecessor
programme either as a coordinator or a partner.

I haven’t found any certain example for a number of projects or periods. But I would say 2-3 projects can take you out from new comer label :slight_smile:

Hello Kristina!!
ok, now I have a cleaner picture!
Thank you!

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Hi! If you’re interested, there is a document in the drive with instructions about how to register a new organization and get an OID. You can find it also here: