Riccardo Clemente on Celebration, Art, Music and Fun in the Ecovillage Movement

The Living Library presents Riccardo Clemente, former co-president of RIVE and former GEN EU council member. Riccardo lives in the “Popolo degli Elfi” – Valley of the Elves. He is a community resident, eco-architect, musician, and famed cabaret artist at the European Ecovillage Gathering talent show. Riccardo was involved in the creation of CLIPS Training, designing the CLIPS game and incubating projects in Italy. He also works as a facilitator, supporting groups and providing tools for conflict resolution centred around games and joy!

In his Living Library book, Riccardo shares with us stories of celebration, art and music in the Ecovillage movement! We discuss the importance of joy and the use of games as a tool for facilitation. Riccardo is an expert in natural building, in this interview you will get a glimpse into the beauty of creating sustainable, durable and comfortable living spaces. Riccardo’s approach to natural building focuses on simplicity and beauty, “Life is simple, and the simplest things are the most beautiful.”

Riccardo is happy to offer consultations on a number of topics including natural building or incubating ecovillages, but specially on creative ways of making facilitation processes fun and joyful!