Spread geological epoch of Syntropocene

The advent of syntropic farming ushers in the new geological epoch of the Syntropocene*where the human farmer delegates a consortium of plants over stratafication, succession and time to support a diversity of target crops for food, medicine, cosmetics or industry which grow simultaneously on a given landscape.
Systemic design is always created by active humans designing their environment with all life and the future in mind. The Syntropocene is a new epoch in which humans perpetuate biomimicry in every advent of their lives. This leads to flourishing economies the world over inbedded in the redundant abundance that mother nature provides. Unfortunately this space is much too short to post the 4 page definition

This is not the future WITH mother nature. There is food enough for everybody on this planet. We need to share better. <3 <3

If you share with me an email address I would be glad to share with you the detailed 4page definition ot the syntropocene. Unfortunately in this tight space on forum it is impossible to explain the subject credibly.